The AKG H 500 shock mount is designed for permanent installation of E and ES version gooseneck modules from the Discreet Acoustics Modular (DAM) series.

This mount provides attenuation of structure-borne noise by 12 dB.

The H 500 shock mount consists of a durable plastic shell and flexible inner rubber boot.

It allows for quick and easy set up and break down of a sound system.

The H 500 requires a mounting hole of 2.0 inches (50 mm).

Details :

  • Compatible With: E and ES Gooseneck Modules from the DAM Series
  • Shock mount provides effective isolation from physical vibration
  • Easily install and uninstall - allowing for a quick and simple break down and set up of a sound system.
  • Ruggedly designed mount provides a reduction of structure-borne noise by 12 dB
: AKG H-500