The PCC130 and the PCC130 SW are cardioid boundary layer microphones of professional quality that, due to their small size, fit perfectly on small tables. Thanks to low self-noise and very high sensitivity, the microphone picks up even distant voices clearly and naturally. A bass-tilt switch allows the user to tailor the low-end response and reduce subsonic noise. The PCC130 SW has a silent-operating programmable membrane switch that can be configured for touch on/off, momentary on or momentary off. A high-intensity LED lights when the unit is on. For easy installation, both microphones offer an XLR connector and a detachable cable.

General Specifications

Audio frequency bandwidth 50 - 20000 Hz

Equivalent noise level 22 dB-A

Sensitivity 22 mV/Pa

Signal to Noise 72 dB-A


Length 89 mm

Width 64 mm

Height 25 mm


Finish satin black

Audio Output

Type Switchcraft TB3M

Gender Male

Contacts 3-pin

Powering Interface

Voltage 12 to 48 V