6-track Recorder for Video Production
The Ultimate Portable Audio System for Video Production

The DR-701D is TASCAM's flagship recorder for single-shooter video production.

A timecode generator is included for location reference, which can be jam synced from a SMPTE generator, camera, or smart slate. The HDMI in and out allows a DSLR camera to start recording on both devices, and video clock prevents drift between sound and picture.
Four mic inputs can be individually recorded and mixed to a stereo track, for a total of six-track recording. For additional tracks, multiple units can be cascaded together. The lightweight yet rigid chassis is forged from a magnesium alloy. Tripod mounts on the top and bottom of the unit allow the unit to mount under a camera, attach to a follow-focus cage, or used stand-alone.
>Designed for the needs of professional filmmakers, television producers, advertisers, and documentarians, the DR-701D packs high quality multitrack recording into a package compact enough for use with any camera.

TASCAM becomes a Sennheiser Technology Alliance Member with the latest firmware update for DR-701D

Viewed as the ultimate portable audio system for video production the TASCAM DR-701D now supports Virtual Reality (VR) content creators with the Version 2.00 firmware update. This new update supports Ambisonics recording by enabling encoding both A and B formats and providing a real-time stereo monitor mix of B format content.
Along with robust and compact body, DR-701D is the ideal recording solution for VR production.

Features at a glance

·         SD/SDHC/SDXC cards used for recording media.

·         6 maximum simultaneous recording tracks

·         MONO, STEREO, 2MIX, DUAL MONO, DUAL ST and DUAL2MIX recording modes

·         Recording formats: 16/24-bit, 44.1/48/96/192kHz (WAV/BWF) (192kHz only for two-track recording)

·         Built-in original TASCAM HDDA mic preamps provide high audio quality

·         Input levels can be adjusted separately for each track

·         XLR/TRS inputs support +4dBu line level and 24/48V phantom power

·         Clock and record start/stop can be synchronized with a camera using the HDMI port

·         DR-701D audio signal can be output to an external camera or recorder from the HDMI OUT or line output

·         Cascade function using HDMI connections allows multiple DR-701D transport and monitoring operations

·         SMPTE Timecode can be input through the TC IN connector to add recording start times to files

·         Timecode generator (RTC) allows recording start times to be added to files even when there is no timecode input

·         Plug-in power mics and high output mics (EXT IN 1/2) supported

·          OUT (CAMERA OUT) connector can output audio mixed by the DR-701D to a DSLR camera

·          IN (CAMERA IN) connector enables monitoring the sound from a DSLR camera through the DR-701D

·         High quality audio output through a line output jack separate from the headphones jack

·         Headphones jack with 50mW+50mW maximum output

·         Tripod attachment threads (bottom), camera screw attachment that can be installed or removed with a coin (top) and shoe mount (top) included

·         Handles on the left and right sides of the front protect the control surface and also enable attachment of a shoulder strap

·         Transport and SLATE buttons made of rubber suppress noise during operation

·         HOLD switch prevents misoperation

·         128×64-dot graphic LCD with backlight

·         LED lights have high visibility even in direct sunlight

·         High-speed transfer of files to computers possible using USB 2.0

·         Micro-B type USB cable included

·         Powered by 4 AA batteries, USB bus power or a PS-P515U AC adapter (sold separately)

·         BP-6AA external battery pack (sold separately) enables operation for even longer times

·         Optional RC-3F foot switch and RC-10 wireless remote control can be connected (both sold separately)

·         Built-in mixer enables pan and level adjustments as well as solo monitoring and can output a mix of 4 channels

·         GANG function allows the levels of multiple channels to be controlled simultaneously

·         Individual channel trim settings shown

·         5-position low-cut filter (50/80/120/180/220 Hz) cuts unwanted low frequencies

·         Multiband limiter automatically adjusts input overloads (stereo-linking possible with 1/L and 2/R)

: DR-701D