Ex Hire Unit In Excellent, Working and Physical, Condition. 
1 Month, Parts and Labour, Warranty.


Dedicated software for precise function and parameter adjustment

Setup Wizard streamlines setup through real-time analyzer readings

2 balanced XLR input connectors and 6 balanced XLR output connectors

AES/EBU digital connectivity for connecting to digital devices with flawless audio

Make adjustments via computer or take control via front-panel controls

Adjustable low and high pass filters for 6-way mono, 3-way stereo crossover application

4-band parametric EQ with adjustable frequency, Q and level (±12dB)

EQ bands selectable between band-pass, shelf or peaking-type

EQ on inputs 1 and 2 adjustable between 15-band GEQ and 7-band parametric EQ

Delay on all input and output channels with fine adjustment control

Delay time adjustable up to 298 seconds / 203 meters

A.G.C. (Automatic Gain Control) on inputs limits maximum audio and reduces distortion

Sub-harmonic generator on inputs for improving low-end response

Feedback eliminator on inputs removes unwanted feedback

Noise gate on inputs for removing rumble and other unwanted noise

180 degree phase reverse switch on all output mixes

Connect multiple i2600 units to network for extensive speaker routing potential

Save and recall settings to computer; store up to 50 presets in one file

Security key locking system for protecting your setup from unauthorized operation

Packed Dims (cm): 30*53*9

Packed Weight (kg): 3.54


: I-2600

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