Rack case for vertical mounting of rack gear and slanted mount on top
Rear, hinged access door for easy access to cables and rear of mounted equipment.
Industry standard rack strip is mounted at both the front and top of the case.
10U rack space on top and 4U usable space on the bottom
Extra 1U space to accommodate for the depth of the mixer being used on the top rack
Complete rack mounting component: washers, nuts and screws, top/front covers.
Recess mounting depth of the vertical mounting rack strip, from the front lip of the road case (cover off): 24mm

9mm plywood construction with laminated plastic covering
35mm×35mm aluminum section
2 x Handles
5 x Butterfly Latches
4 x Rubber Feet

Packed Dims (cm): 42*63*57.5
Packed Weight (kg): 17.2


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