When used with the recommended fog fluid, the FOG-D1500WII will produce thick and long lasting, fog cover for small area applications to the largest stages and venues. Whether operated via a DMX controller (not included), the 4-stage variable wireless remote controller (included) or the wired remote controller with variable timer, you'll have full control over the amount of fog cover you are intending to achieve. With a huge 6ltr fluid tank capacity, and efficient fluid to fog conversion, this machine ill see you through the longest of gigs.

DMX-512 Control

The FOG-D1500W can be operated from a single DMX512 channel:

DMX Value






Fog output (5%-95%)

Fog output 100%



Wired Remote Control Features:


Variable fog output - 10% to 100% (available on Timer, Continuous and Manual control)

Variable Interval between fog operation - 1min to 30min (available on Timer control only) 

Variable fog output operation timer - 1sec to 30sec (available on Timer control only)

2.4mtr cable


Wireless Remote Control Features:

1 x Unit Remote


The wireless controller gives you the option of four output levels:

  • 25% Fog output.

  • 50% Fog output.

  • 75% Fog output.

  • 100% Fog output.

4 x Unit 

Remote Control

Up to four machines can be operated at 100% output, independently, via one remote

 Please Note:

  • Artificial fog is intended to be used as a short-term effect to enhance the appearance of certain effects, such as lasers or other effects lighting which produces a defined beam of light.

  • Excessive use of artificial fog may cause irritation to the eyes and throat, especially in persons with respiratory ailments. A risk assessment should be carried out before use, taking into consideration the amount of artificial fog to be used, the size of the
    room and the degree of ventilation.
  • Artificial fog may trigger optical smoke alarms. Check with the operator of the premises before use.

  • Use only the recommended type of fog fluid to ensure public and personal health, safety and comfort.


Technical Specifications:

  • Packed Dimensions: 555*340*310mm

  • Packed Weight (no fluid): 9.4kg

  • Power supply:220V~240V,50HZ.

  • Power consumption:1500W

  • Max Operating current: 8A

  • Heating Time: 4.5mins. (approx @ 22deg ambient Temp.)

  • Fog output: 430m3/minute

  • Projection distance: 8m

  • Tank capacity: 6 litres 
: FOG-D1500WII