Professional Rack Case designed to transport standard 19" Rack-mount equipment
(such as power amplifiers and processors) up to 12 Rack Units high. 


Available in 2RU, 4RU, 6RU, 8RU, 12RU and 16RU, the Amp Rack cases feature a removable back and front for easy access to cables and control features of the mounted equipment.

Industry standard rack strip is mounted at both the front and rear of the case. Heavy duty ball corners and butterfly fasteners are standard features on this case.

19" standard rack case

9mm plywood construction with laminated plastic covering

35mm x 35mm aluminium section

Recess mounting depth of the mounting bracket from the front lip of the road case cover off: 24mm

Removable front & rear covers

Double Sided Rack Mounts (front/back)  

Nuts, Washers & Screws Included

Colour: Black/Silver

Shipping Dimensions: 72*54*33cm

Shipping Weight: 15.16kg, 

2 x Handles

4 x Butterfly Latches

4 x Rubber Feet

Un-Packed Dims (cm W*H*D): 32.5*53.5*71.5

Un-Packed Weight (kg): 14.02

Packed Dims (cm W*H*D): 33*54.5*72

Packed Weight (kg): 15.32