Speakon Connections: Positive to Pin 1+ and Negative to Pin 1- 

·  TS Plug Connections: Positive to Tip and Negative to Sleeve

·  Double Insulated, Highly flexible and Durable DT Audio Cable 

   Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) 

·  Cotton Strain Relief in the Centre 

·  Paper Strain Relief Between Outer and Inner Jackets 

·  UV Resistant Jacket 

Also available in  5mtr, 10mtr and 20mtr lengths

·  Length: 15 meters 

·  2-Core Heavy Duty, Speakon to 6.35mm TS (Jack) Speaker Cable 

·  2 x  TS-10M, 6.35mm, TS (Mono), Phone, In-Line Plug with 10mm Cable Entry

·  2 x 2.5mm²  (13AWG) - 2x {7x45/0.10} 

  Outside Diameter: 9.5mm 

·  Net Weight: 1.9kg  

·  Colour: Black

: JJ225-15M

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