The DGN99 and DGN99 E are dynamic gooseneck microphones with cardioid polar pattern for general public address and communication use. The microphones provide a frequency response tailored for optimum intelligibility, good off-axis rejection for high gain before feedback and suppression of unwanted ambient noise. The all-metal body ensures a long, useful life for the microphone even in tough day-to-day use. The DGN99 E comes with an integrated XLR connector while the DGN99 offers open cables for universal use. Using a dynamic capsule, the microphones do not require any powering.

General Specifications

Audio frequency bandwidth 150 - 15000 Hz

Sensitivity 2.2 mV/Pa

Electrical impedance 530 Ohms

Recommended load impedance 2000 Ohms

Polar Pattern Cardioid


Length 345 mm

Diameter 34 mm


Body Metal

Finish matte black

Audio Output

Type Balanced XLR

Gender Male

Contacts 3-pin 

: AKG DG-N99