As one the smallest omnidirectional microphones in the world, the LC82 MD reference lightweight lavalier microphone takes pride in outperforming mics many times its size. With a diameter of only 3mm and length of 6.5mm, it’s ready to take on the biggest stages without making a scene. Ideal for musicals, theater, churches, broadcast and large-format presentations, the LC82 MD also ensures that moisture and makeup won’t dampen a performance. Thanks to its moisture-resistant design, you can run, jump, leap and bound across the stage at full force without worrying about technical complications due to sweat. Available in four colors, the LC82 MD complements every performer.

General Specifications

Audio frequency bandwidth 20 - 20000 Hz

Sensitivity 15 mV/Pa

Signal to Noise 63 dB-A

Electrical impedance at 1 kH 5000 Ohms

Self noise 31.2 mW

Notes Measurements in working distance (2-3 cm from sound source)

Polar Pattern Omnidirectional

Powering Interface

Voltage 3 to 10 V